EverythingDulcimer.com has retired

Thank you for the great support throughout the years...

It has been my honor to maintain EverythingDulcimer.com (ED) over these years. Truely it has. That said, I have to move on to other things...keep my eye on the ball, as it were. I feel a bit like Joe Walsh when he sang "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do." ED has been a great success story, but it also takes a lot of effort for a community this size, and for a voluntary effort. I am unable to maintain it given my current schedule (and for the foreseeable future).

Obviously, I elected not to hand over the reigns of the site as-is for two very important reasons

  1. There was a lot of interest in the site by fine folks, I'm sure. However, how could I ever make a choice like that which will inevitably impact a lot of folks? Not only did I not have the time to devote to a screening/determination process, I don't feel qualified to make that decision. While my motivation was the dulcimer community, I can't know anyone else's heart. However, below you will find links to all the tab, articles, the listing of pros, and events, etc. Here is everything anyone would need to pick up where ED left off. I hope MANY new, better EverythingDulcimer.com's spring up!
  2. The discussion forums are the basis of the site, especially when it comes to user logins. Not only are there better discussion group software packages out there, there are better ways to manage users. I think this is very necessary, and starting fresh is the way to go. The PHPBB system we have used for years has regular security issues, which has caused severe disruptions. I don't think it's a good idea to pass these problems onto someone.

I know this decision is probably not popular, and will lead to some upheaval, but the end result will a better situation, I feel.

Again, thanks and KEEP STRUMMIN or HAMMERIN!


Here are the goods

Hope to see you at an event or festival soon!