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Current Articles:

The Uncontrite Modal Folker by Ken Hulme

One man's exploration of Modes

The Bass Dulcimer - A Layman's Approach by Burt Kahn

Supplemental Material:

How My Thomas Found Me by Ken Backer

The acquisition story of a rare Thomas dulcimer.

Among the trees and bushes
Where the dark green willows sway,
There hides another Thomas
That one may find someday

Hammered Dulcimer Sissors Stand by Dawn Wilson

Handy plans for making a single, great little hammered dulcimer stand

Dulcimer Pride Iron-on Transfers by Bruce W. Ford

See this article for links to the transfers, and instructions for using them.
Supplemental Material:

Managing your content on by Bruce W. Ford

Supplemental Material:

Review: "Simple Souls and Sweet Memories" by The Kattywompus String Band by Bruce W. Ford

Have Dulcimer. Will Travel by Luke Day

Creative Dulcimers by Ron Kesler

Amplifying your Dulcimer - A Basic Course for the Player in Small Venues by Tim Smith

I Just Got A Dulcimer, Now What? -- A Beginner's Guide by Ken Hulme

Mountain Dulcimer Stand by Edward Tutwileri

Faith's Review and Expectation - Story of Amazing Grace by Jerry Pacholski

The Sudden Mongolian Hammer Mission by Christina Dunigan

How I "Caught the Dulcimer Bug!" by John Knopf

My Dulcimer Journey by Sarah Morgan

Making Music the Old Fashioned Way by Edward Tutwiler

A Sugar Plum for Christmas (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies tablature in 1-3-5 tuning) by Merv Rowley

Pentatonics for the Mountain Dulcimer by Dave Murray

Chordish Drones For The Mountain Dulcimer by Dave Murray

Dulcimers at Dixie Elementary by Johnny Ray

Are You Missing Something - A Closer Look at 1-3-5 Tunings by Merv Rowley

You can do it too! The story of how a complete beginner taught himself to play the mountain dulcimer by Peter Robinson

Playing for Weddings: Getting Started by Donna Germano

Get Noter-ized by Ken Hulme

Standard Music Notation for Mountain Dulcimer Players by Warren D. Swan

Supplemental Material:

Mountain Dulcimer Building - A pictorial Essay (35 step-by-step pictures) by Jim Bracegirdle

Strummin' with Kids in Memphis by Carla Maxwell

How To Determine Chords for Mountain Dulcimer Playing (How The Person Who Wrote the Chord Book Figured It Out) by Roger Huffmaster

Andrew Jackson Go Back Home - Article and Tablature for mountain dulcimer! by Mary Z. Cox

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade (How I Accidentally Invented the Heavy Metal Punk Rock Hammered Dulcimer) by Richard "Rick" Hicks

Hammered Dulcimer Chord Explorations Made Simpler by Marcy Prochaska

How to Get More Music From Your Mountain Dulcimer (An Introduction to 1-3-5 Tunings) by Merv Rowley

Supplemental Material:

Mountain Dulcimer - A story by a kid by Nathan McAlister

The Tennessee Music Box Project (Plans for an inexpensive dulcimer!) by Dave Murray

Part II: Hammered Dulcimer Chord Patterns by Marcy Prochaska

Part I: Hammered Dulcimer Chords by Eye and Ear by Marcy Prochaska

Review: "March in Ohio" by Tom and Missy Strothers by Bruce W. Ford

How to Play Chords on your Mountain Dulcimer tuned DAd (or Surviving in a Multi-Instrument Jam) by Missy Strothers

Supplemental Material:

Simplified Self Accompaniment by Dave Murray

Dulcified at Somerville Road Elementary by Betsy Anthony

Building a Kit Mountain Dulcimer by Larry Hicks

Learning the Mountain Dulcimer by Merv Rowley

An Approach to Learning Chord-Melody Style (Mountain Dulcimer) by Merv Rowley

Review: "No Loose Threads" by Marcy Prochaska by Bruce W. Ford

Review: "East Texas Jam" by Margaret Wright and friends by Bruce W. Ford

Hand Health for Mountain Dulcimer Players by Ken Hulme

The Saga of the Ebay Mountain Dulcimer by Ron "Clix" Hanes

My OctoberFest Dulcimer Experience by Larry Hicks

A Basic Guide for Reading Mountain Dulcimer Tablature by Bruce W. Ford

Part IV of Ardie's Hammered Dulcimer Building Guide - Tuning a Hammered Dulcimer by Randy "Ardie" Davis

Part III of Ardie's Hammered Dulcimer Building Guide - Stringing a Hammered Dulcimer by Randy "Ardie" Davis

Part II of Ardie's Hammered Dulcimer Building Guide - The Hammered Dulcimer Exploded by Randy "Ardie" Davis

Part I - Introduction - A Hammered Dulcimer Builder's Do-It-Yourself Guidebook by Randy "Ardie" Davis

This article is Part One of a four part series on the intricacies of constructing a hammered dulcimer. Articles will be coming about once per week for the next month or so!

A VERY Handy Dulcimer Tuning Spreadsheet by Jak Stallings

Supplemental Material:

Putting Notes to Chords by Steve Smith

This article is suitable as a beginner handout - Please print and distribute!

Chords with Fingering by Steve Smith

This article is suitable as a beginner handout - Please print and distribute!

An Introduction to your Dulcimer by Ken Hulme

This article is suitable as a beginner handout - Please print and distribute!

28th Annual "Dulcimer Days" at Roscoe Village by David Smith

"This Thing Has 4 Strings!" A Mountain Dulcimer Workshop on Four-String Playing by Steve Smith

"What If I Lose My Pick?" A Mountain Dulcimer Workshop on Playing In The Finger-Picking Style by Steve Smith

The Learning Curve: Hammered Dulcimer Style by Jennifer Ranger

Interview of Larry Barringer by Jerry Wright

How To Tune Your Mountain Dulcimer by Ken Hulme

Poem: Music From the Heart by Gail Knapp

Review: "The Family Album" by The Wright Family by Bruce W. Ford

The Dulcimer Ladies Meet! by Gail Knapp

Notes on Getting Started with the Mountain Dulcimer by Ken Hulme

Review: "The Dirt Roads of Nations" by The Offramps by Michael Futreal

Kids and Dulcimers: A Perfect Match by Jennifer Ranger

Modal Tunings on the Mountain Dulcimer by Michael Futreal

Hands-on Approach to Introducing Kids to Dulcimer by Gail Knapp

Why by Bruce W. Ford

Why I teach My Children Dulcimer by Bruce W. Ford