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Inca Hills Dulcimer Club  -  Lima, Peru

Inca Hills Dulcimer Club

Contacting the club

Contact person: Charles O Connor

E-mail: undersail41 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Club website:

Meeting information

Meeting location:

208 Mozart San Borja
Lima 41

Meeting schedule: first Saturday of each month 6:00pm

Instruments welcomed: Mountain Dulcimer Hammered dulcimer acoustical Guitar electric guitar Mandolin

Other club information

Special club events: None at this time but we are working on a festival that will include American folk music as well as folk music and dance of Peru. This will take some doing and the support of the town of San Borja a suburb of Lima Peru. We are hopeful we can set it up for February 2010. If not in 2010 there’s always 2011.

Other club comments: Jams are every Saturday at 3:30. One on one mini jams are done to work on arrangements or just to jam.

Israel Dulcimer Society  -  Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Dulcimer Society

Contacting the club

Contact person: Judi Ganchrow

Phone: 972-2-679-8448

Club website:

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Jerusalem, Israel

Meeting schedule: Weekly usually Wednesday nights. We are going to start to meet around the country so for the winter once monthly it is in Gedera or Rehovot on Friday mornings

Meeting directions: Provided personally by email or phone. Were pretty consistent about meeting every week but we dont always meet in the same place

Instruments welcomed: Mostly mountain dulcimers. sometimes guitar recorder viola or whatever wants to join us

Other club information

Special club events: Sde Boker Desert Dulcimer Retreat. Twice yearly. The next one is the first weekend in February barring the unforeseen

Other club comments: If you are traveling and want to join an evening let me know and we will try to arrange a loaner for the evening. We have one hammered dulcimer between us with not much expertise. Lots of mountain dulcimers and guitars. And voices. Usually 10-25% of a session includes some singing with the playing. We have actually never played along with a hammered dulcimer but are not against giving it a try!!

Nonsuch Dulcimer Club  -  United Kingdom

Nonsuch Dulcimer Club

Club for Hammered and Mountain Dulcimer enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom.

Contacting the club

Contact person: Sally Whytehead

E-mail: sally.whytehead [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: 44152764229

Club website:

Club Facebook page:

Meeting information

Meeting location:

United Kingdom

Meeting schedule: Annual weekend in October -
Spring Fling in March -
Other meetings by arrangement, see website

Instruments welcomed: Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer. Others are welcome for jams.