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Minnesota Dulcimer Clubs

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Atkin, MN: Aitkin Area Dulcimer Society  -  Aitkin, MN

Atkin, MN: Aitkin Area Dulcimer Society

Contacting the club

Contact person: Mary Bourn

Phone: 218/927-4353

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Aitkin, MN 56431

Meeting schedule: 1st Thursdays

Duluth Area Mountain Dulcimer Club  -  Duluth, MN

Duluth Area Mountain Dulcimer Club

Contacting the club

Contact person: Wendy Grethen

E-mail: wendyupnorth [at] yahoo [dot] com

Phone: 218-525-5098

Club website:

Meeting information

Meeting location:

4005 McCulloch St.
Duluth, MN 55804

Meeting schedule: Meets 1st Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at Aftenro Home October through April.

Instruments welcomed: mountain dulcimer

Other club information

Special club events: Dulcimer Day in Duluth- 1st Saturday in May

Other club comments: All skill levels welcome. We use Stephen Seifert's Join the Jam book. Hammered dulcimer players guitar players mandolin players egg shakers and listeners are welcome.

Mankato, MN: Blue Prairie Dulcimer Club  -  Mankato, MN

Mankato, MN: Blue Prairie Dulcimer Club

Contacting the club

Contact person: Bill Warmack

E-mail: billw [at] mnic [dot] net

Phone: 507/388-7544

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Hilltop United Methodist Church 108 So. Manitou Dr.
Mankato, MN 56001

Meeting schedule: Meeting 2nd and 4th Monday evenings 7pm

Instruments welcomed: Dulcimers other related instruments welcome

Northland Mt. Dulcimers  -  Rochester, MN

Northland Mt. Dulcimers

Contacting the club

Contact person: Nancy Kampmeier

Phone: 507/289-0850

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Rochester, MN 55904

Meeting schedule: 2nd and 4th Mondays

Rambling River Dum Diddies  -  Farmington, MN

Rambling River Dum Diddies

Mt Dulcimer, Bandjammer, Auto Harp, Hammered Dulcimer
club meeting 10-12 Mondays @Rambling River Sr Center in Farmington Mn. This is year round group-all levels welcome

Contacting the club

Contact person: Kathy Gunderson

E-mail: maggiepc [at] frontier [dot] com

Phone: 651 463 2663

Meeting information

Meeting location:

325 Oak St
Farmington, MN
United States

Meeting schedule: 10-12 weekly Mondays

Instruments welcomed: Mt Dulcimers, Hammered Dulcimers, Auto Harps, Bandjammers

Other club information

Special club events: Practice weekly ; performances at local Senior facilities scheduled periodically

Other club comments: All interested in playing from beginner to advanced are welcome

St. Marks U.C.C. Dulcimer Players  -  Eagan, MN

St. Marks U.C.C. Dulcimer Players

Contacting the club

Contact person: Leland L. Ilgen

Phone: 651/452-9438

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Eagan, MN 55122

Meeting schedule: Every MOnday (summer months)

Twin Cities Hammered Dulcimer Club  -  St. Paul, MN

Twin Cities Hammered Dulcimer Club

Contacting the club

Contact person: Tom Riddering

E-mail: volkfolks [at] comcast [dot] net

Phone: 651-714-2617

Meeting information

Meeting location:

2203 Carver Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55119

Meeting schedule: Sundays 1:00 to 3:00 Roughly monthly. Dates vary.

Meeting directions: Contact Tom Riddering for a map.

Instruments welcomed: Hammered dulcimers guitars banjo other acoustic instruments welcome.

Other club information

Other club comments: Tom Riddering to get on the mailing list. No dues or formal membership. Just show up if you want to make music.

Wannabee Mountain Dulcimer Players  -  Gregory, MN

Wannabee Mountain Dulcimer Players

Contacting the club

Contact person: Sandi Hoard

E-mail: sehoard [at] charter [dot] net

Phone: 734-498-2758

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Gregory Twnshp Offices - Senior Center
Gregory, MN

Meeting schedule: every Thursday 7-9 pm

Meeting directions: In center of Gregory on M-36

Instruments welcomed: Mtn Dulcimer occasional guitar and banjamer

Other club information

Other club comments: Beginners welcome

Woodland Strings Dulcimer Club  -  Little Falls, MN

Woodland Strings Dulcimer Club

Contacting the club

Contact person: Len Sharon

Phone: 612-632-8608

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Little Falls, MN 56345

Meeting schedule: Twice Monthly