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South Dakota Dulcimer Clubs

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South Dakota Hammered Dulcimer Meadow Larks  -  Big Stone City, SD

South Dakota Hammered Dulcimer Meadow Larks

Contacting the club

Contact person: Norwood BayBridge or Horatio Hencoop

E-mail: ezstrawberry [at] yahoo [dot] com

Phone: 605-862-7926

Meeting information

Meeting location:

Big Stone City, SD 57216
United States

Meeting schedule: Call for next potluck and parlorfest. Will feature a presentation by gifted writer and nittilin dulcimerarianist Norwood BayBridge on the History of the Musical Saw and Post Neo-symphonic Arpegios. Dont miss this one

Meeting directions: Call for directions if the Chatuaqua Road is washed out

Instruments welcomed: Hammered Dulcimers violins mandolins banjolins nittilins etc.

Other club information

Other club comments: Dress code usually in effect. Members to wear sticky name badges and club ribbons while involved in events unless serving in the food line.