Downloading Tabs pls recommend APPs for reading & such

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Downloading Tabs pls recommend APPs for reading & such

Postby wljthree » Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:27 pm

Recently a person mentioned how they use their iPad to store and organize all the songs they download. But now I don't remember what they said. Any recommendations for apps or strategies that you use would be appreciated. Thanks! 8)
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Re: Downloading Tabs pls recommend APPs for reading & such

Postby Acmespaceship » Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:34 pm

I scan, download or convert music files to PDF format. That includes tab, sheet music, anything I might want to reference when playing. Life is easier when everything is in one format!

For the most part, I download files, store them, and if necessary reformat them on my desktop PC, then copy them to the tablet. I have a Kindle Fire, so I use the "send to Kindle" program. Otherwise, I save files on Dropbox and use the Dropbox app on the tablet. Some people prefer to connect the tablet to the PC via USB cable and treat the tablet like an external drive to copy files. And of course some people don't have a computer so they download music using the tablet's web brower.

To manage PDF files, I use the MobileSheets app (Android only). There are similar apps for iPad; a friend of mine likes forScore. These apps let you organize tab by musical style, composer, any tags you want. It's easy to make set lists and write annotations.

For lyrics and chords, I use GuitarTapp Pro (Android & iOS) to find songs on the internet, transpose the key and save them for later when there's no wi-fi connection. Guitar players don't share our squeamishness about tabbing songs under copyright, so you'll find lots of songs for which there is no dulcimer tab.

If you use TablEdit, there are viewers for Android & iOS:

Now for the bad news: Depending on the size of your tablet screen, the way your tab is formatted, how dependent you are on tab while you play, and the state of your eyesight, this might not work for you. An iPad works great for some players, while others give up because the tab is too small for them to read. See if you can borrow a tablet from someone and download one of the PDF tabs here on ED to determine if this works for you.
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