Why I Love You/Tell Me Why Tablature

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Why I Love You/Tell Me Why Tablature

Postby dholeton » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:07 am

There's still time to learn one more sweetheart song before Valentines day.

I was inspired to learn "Tell Me Why" from a conversation and this wonderful YouTube video several years ago.

In my research of the song, I found the video is only using the melody for the refrain of the song "Why I Love You" with some added lyrics to sing the refrain twice. I loaded the sheet music and tablature for the whole song, but if you prefer you can just play/sing just the refrain similar to the video. We sang the whole song at the assisted living home last week and the residents sang along with the refrain but did not sing on the verses.

Some additional notes:
The verse is 4/4 and the refrain is 3/4. I find the transition from 4/4 to 3/4 to be somewhat okay, but transitioning back to 4/4 from 3/4 seems abrupt.

The tablature is for DAA mountain dulcimer tuning, but sheet music with chords are included if someone wants to play along with chords.

The verse requires a 6+ fret, the refrain doesn't require any extra frets.

The refrain is played with the harmony in the LISTEN file.

I posted information, sound files, and tablature in Everything Dulcimer in 2011 but for whatever reason I didn't upload it to the tablature section at the time. Here's the link to that post and it includes a DAD version. I think I need to rework the DAD version.


Everything you need for adding another sweetheart song to play/sing to your sweetheart tomorrow. Now don't forget the chocolates!

No pressure!

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