Sheet Music/Tablature for When Johnny Comes Marching Home

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Sheet Music/Tablature for When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Postby dholeton » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:41 am

Another tune I uploaded in a post around 2011 and intended to load to the tablature section is When Johnny Comes Marching Home. In my research on the song I found the version I have been playing for many years doesn't use the same relative chords as the original written by Patrick Gilmore in 1863. This time when I transposed it from his original key of Gm to Em, I tried to retain the same relative chords. I have been using a Bm in the tune where the original was written with either an Em7 or a B (relative to the transposition).

The tablature includes a simple melody-only version for a dulcimer tuned EBA and also a chord-melody version for a dulcimer tuned DAD. There are several ways to accomplish the EBA tuning two of which are:
1. Tune D bass on DAA dulcimer up to E, tune middle of DAA dulcimer up to B
2. Place partial capo on 1st fret over the middle and bass strings on dulcimer tuned DAA

A capo on the first fret of a DAA dulcimer will also work since the first fret (B) is the lowest note in the song. Some tablature methods refer to the fret with the capo as 0, so if using a capo on the first fret the 1 in the tablature can be marked as a 0.

In the DAD version the middle string is used for the melody at times on the first fret. The 011 chord contains three of the 4 notes for the Em7 chord with the D (0) being the melody note. The 545 chord contains two of the notes for a Bsus chord. A 555 chord can be substituted to play two of the notes for a B or B7 chord. The 212 chord contains 2 of the 3 notes of the B chord or the B7 chord. Both B or B7 sound good to me, so I might play the song with either chord depending on how I feel at a given moment.

The LISTEN file is recorded with a dulcimer tuned EBA for the first verse and DAD for the second verse (to match the tablature).

I hope this arrangement or the other two arrangements in the Tablature section help in learning this song.

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