Home-built 39" 4-string dulcimer - $150/best offer

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Home-built 39" 4-string dulcimer - $150/best offer

Postby Greg_in_MD » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:08 am

I was given a dulcimer, and I don't play -- I'm a guitarist, and I thought I might learn, but after several years, I haven't made the time, so... :roll:

It was apparently hand-built by someone related to the donor. I have no real idea what the wood types are; my eye says the top and sides are oak, but...
Dulcimer whole.jpg
Dulcimer whole.jpg (31.31 KiB) Viewed 557 times

Length overall is about 39"
Width at the bout is 6.25"
Fretboard length is 22"
18 frets

The tuning pegs are metal direct-drive (no gears) and work well.
dulcimer-head.jpg (44.76 KiB) Viewed 557 times

The end pins are small brads, and the bridge is a piece of threaded rod, like a screw with the head cut off.

I have photos of all of that; I can send more than this board will attach.

It's in good condition; I really have no idea what it's worth and am open to discussions. I have no idea if it sounds "good" - I am not a dulcimer player and have no ability to judge. :? I would love to see the instrument get played.

I'm asking $150 as a starting point; I'm open to negotiations. I'd be willing to trade for a nylon-string acoustic guitar or other guitar gear, if that works for you.

I'm in St. Michaels, MD, on the Eastern Shore.

Please contact me via email: gsfarley<at>gmail.com and put "GREG-DULCIMER" in the subject line so I know it isn't spam.
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