Book - The Old-Time Mountain Dulcimer

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Book - The Old-Time Mountain Dulcimer

Postby Richard1 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:22 pm

This is a beginning instructional book designed for those just starting out on their dulcimer journey. It begins at ground zero with those who know nothing about music; and it never intimidates the beginner with music notation or music theory jargon. It covers all the essentials of playing accurately, with good rhythm and with good tone quality. The book uses a slow-going, programmed, step-by-step method of learning. As such, it is an effective learning tool for those who cannot read music and who have never played a musical instrument. The coil-bound book contains 59 favorite folk songs and is 90 pages long. Included is a set of 4 practice CDs, with every song and exercise recorded several times with slowly increasing tempos – from very slow to a moderate speed.

For more information, visit my webpage:


The price is $35.00 plus shipping. You have two shipping options:

(1) Media Mail - Add $3.95 to help cover media mail postage and the cost
of the mailer.

(2) Priority Mail – Email me your zip code so I can figure the cost of priority
mail. Priority mail is based on both weight and distance. Media mail
is usually pretty quick, except around Christmas time.

Send check to:

Richard Young
3315 Dell Trail
Chattanooga, TN 37411
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Re: New Book - The Old-Time Mountain Dulcimer

Postby mepbham » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:58 pm

I am one of Richard's mountain dulcimer students. In learning to play the dulcimer, I became very frustrated with the various beginning mountain dulcimer books. I had no musical background ;thus the information in the books was like reading Greek. As I worked with Richard, I became more knowledgeable, but the books we tried to use moved into techniques that were hard for a beginning dulcimer player to grasp. Richard was in the process of creating his book while teaching me. He had me begin to use his step by step approach in the book. I was able to develope my playing skills by using this book. Even though it is written in DAA and not DAD, it has helped me develope strumming and rhythm skills and other advanced techniques. The speed at which the songs are recorded on the CDs are graduated so that even a beginning player can keep up with the music and then go on to develope speed in playing. I highly recommend this book and CDs for any beginning mountain dulcimer player.
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