Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities Book & CD for Mtn Dulcimer

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Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities Book & CD for Mtn Dulcimer

Postby Gwen Caeli » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:49 pm

Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities Book and CD
Dispel the myth that all Celtic airs are slow! The old Bardic harps were often played with lively, quick movements producing sweet and pleasant melodies. Slow airs can come from the sean-nós (old-style) singing tradition, but ancient airs were also played in lively meters of 6/8 (yes, jigs!), 2/4, 3/8, and 4/4! This book offers all manners of airs - both slow and lively!

Fresh Airs – Irish Antiquities for Mountain Dulcimer offers:
• 36 ancient Celtic harp airs for intermediate to advanced dulcimer players
• 24 tunes are on accompanying CD with dulcimer and Baroque recorder
• Dulcimer tablature
• Music notation
• 24 tunes include backup chords
• Tuning is mostly DAD, some with capo, some modal tunes without capo
• Tune meters include 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8 and 6/8
• Alternate titles (as tunes historically traveled across the centuries)
• Gaelic titles with English translations and song words where applicable
• Note: there are no O’Carolan tunes

These ancient tunes were researched and collected through original archived manuscripts. Ever wonder about the original "South Wind" - its original name in English and Gaelic, time signature, the 'C' part, or the words from County Mayo written in the old 17th century Bardic style and where it was collected? It is on page 56-57! The book's contents are not the typical Irish tunes often tabbed for dulcimer. Through researching old Celtic music, there was a world of discovery and a wealth of unfamiliar tunes waiting for dulcimer players.

Order Information:
$23 for Book and CD set
Order at 'Store' on Gwen's website -
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