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New Tab Book of popular Old Time tunes from Mark Gilston

PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:46 am
by Tradman
My New Book of Popular Old Time Tunes is Now Available on

Popular American Old Time Tunes for Dulcimer cover48 tabs of the most commonly played popular Old Time jamming tunes arranged for Mountain Dulcimer in D-A-D tuning.


Angeline the Baker | Arkansas Traveler | Big Sciota | Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine | Camp Town Meeting on the 4th of July | Cherokee Shuffle | Cluck Old Hen | Coleman’s March | Cripple Creek | Cumberland Gap | Fisher’s Hornpipe | Flop Earred Mule | Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss | Forked Deer | (Cold) Frosty Morning | Golden Slippers | Johnson Boys | Julianne Johnson | June Apple | Liberty| Mississippi Sawyer | Midnight on the Water | Old Joe Clark | Over the Waterfall | Red Haired Boy | Rosin the Beau | Saint Anne’s Reel | Sandy Boys | Sandy River Belle | Shady Grove | Shove that Pigsfoot a Little Further into the Fire, Soldier’s Joy, Sourwood Mountain, Spotted Pony | Stone Point | Swinging on a Gate | Turkey in the Straw | West Fork Gals | Westphalia Waltz | Whiskey Before Breakfast | Yellow Rose of Texas