Wanted: Bob Tack Chromatic Dulcimer

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Wanted: Bob Tack Chromatic Dulcimer

Postby elmasula » Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:34 pm

I am still searching for my very first custom dulcimer. It was a Bob Tack lightweight chromatic, the one pictured below. It had poplar trim, inlaid walnut bridge markers and painted trim around the sound holes. The last I heard of it was probably over 10 years ago. It was sold to a gentleman in Michigan, possibly in the western lower peninsula. I was told it was purchased to be used in a church. The person who sold it lived on the eastern side of the lower peninsula. She could not remember the name of the buyer or where he lived. I've tried to contact dulcimer clubs in Michigan, but with no response. This was a special dulcimer, and I should not have sold it, but.......... When I found it for sale a number of years ago, so many other things were being sold with it that I could not afford it. I would love to find it and arrange to buy it back. I miss it and would appreciate any help to find it. My phone is 260-616-0320.
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