R.L. Tack Hammered Dulcimer for sale

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R.L. Tack Hammered Dulcimer for sale

Postby archer1593 » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:14 am

I have a Bob Tack Pro-3 Chromatic Dulcimer for sale. It was a top of the line of the dulcimers that were made by R.L. Tack & Sons from 1973 to 2004. It has a 5-4-15-15 configuration for 3 full chromatic octaves, plus a low bass G, A, and C. It has a floating soundboard made of solid spruce, walnut bridges with inlaid position markers, stained curly maple pin blocks and rails. It measures 46½ inches long and 19 inches from top to bottom. The dulcimer was purchased new from Bob Tack in 2003. It has some minor scratches, but no major dings or dents. All the strings are in place, three strings per course over the treble bridge and two strings per course over the bass and chromatic bridges. The strings were changed and fitted with some material to lesson the sustain of the instrument. The dulcimer has good tuning stability. There is a high quality leather handle on the long rail. Comes with a padded case.

I am asking $800.00 plus shipping for the instrument
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