*SOLD* Dusty Strings D500 Hammered Dulcimer case, stand +...

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*SOLD* Dusty Strings D500 Hammered Dulcimer case, stand +...

Postby QuakerWildcat » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:05 pm


Dusty Strings D500 Hammered Dulcimer PLUS loads of extras
Total value over $3,700. Selling for $1,999.

Includes all this:
    Dusty Strings Fully chromatic D500 hammered dulcimer ($2,895 value)
      - Original 3/16/15 configuration with 3 full octave range
      - 3 course bridge
      - Solid mahogany soundboard (preferred sound by many over their newer models made of sapele)
      - Custom black finish
      - Curly maple rails and binding
    Padded case ($375 value)
    Custom dust cover ($65 value)
    Solid maple 2010 adjustable-height folding stand by String Fever Music ($249 value)
    Two sets of padded single-side hammers ($64 value)
    9 spare strings ($17 value)
    KORG chromatic tuner ($20 value)
    Gooseneck tuning wrench ($32 value)
    3 books in excellent condition ($50 value):
      - Celtic Fair: Celtic and Renaissance Tunes for Hammered Dulcimer
      - Latin American Music Arranged for Hammered and Fretted Dulcimer
      - Arranging for Hammered Dulcimer
This is a beautiful and beautiful-sounding instrument.

NOTE: If you are interested in adding dampers, then this is NOT the hammered dulcimer for you. This is the original D500 design that does not have enough space around the tuning pins to add dampers.

String Chart for this model:





    This instrument was built by Dusty Strings in 1995. I am not the original owner. We purchased it in 2010 from a music professor who performed with it professionally, but was having a new, bigger Dusty Strings dulcimer built for him with a 4+ octave range. He played this instrument for years in avant garde concerts. If you'd like to see it in action, here's a video (sorry I don't have one of the dulcimer being played solo):


    Everything is in excellent condition. Any worn strings have been replaced. It's been well cared for, played only indoors.

    The really high C sharp and E flat strings tend to be hard to keep in tune.

    The only blemish of any consequence is on the back/bottom of the instrument, where there are some scratch marks in the center. Those were there when we purchased it. See the image gallery for a close-up photo.

    The instrument has been kept on it's stand, with the dust cover on it, with the case only used for transportation. It has been kept away from direct sun, in a tight, smoke-free home with baseboard heating and humidity in the 35-37%% range.


    I am selling on behalf of my son, who is the musician. He has a remarkable ear and loves the sound of this particular instrument (he played dozens of dulcimers before selecting this one), but he has moved away, was not playing much anymore, and could use the money. We also agreed that this instrument deserves to be played and heard.


    Bottom rail: 45 inches
    Top rail: 18 inches
    Height: 20 inches
    Thickness: 4 inches
    Weight: approx. 18 pounds

I am in the Washington, DC area. Specifically McLean, Virginia. I'd very much prefer to arrange local pickup, as packing, shipping and insuring everything would be expensive, but if you'd like a quote for that, let me know.


2010 solid maple adjustable-height folding stand by String Fever Music

Solid mahogany soundboard and custom black finish

Custom curly maple rails and binding

Signature Dusty Strings carved maple leaf

The only blemish of any consequence is some scratches at the center of the bottom/back of the instrument

Close up of scratches on the bottom/back of the instrument

Dusty Strings custom padded case

Custom dust cover

Chromatic tuner, gooseneck tuning wrench, spare strings, and two sets of padded hammers (excellent condition)

Books included

It's a beautiful instrument and I'm sorry that he's giving it up
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