Songbird Warbler, 2000, Solid Mahogany, SOLD

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Songbird Warbler, 2000, Solid Mahogany, SOLD

Postby arktrav 72 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:51 pm

This wonderful Warbler was purchased in late 2000. It is one of the best of the older chromatics Songbird made. For a couple years in the late 90s when they could actually get the wood and built the Warbler and Whippoorwill with solid Mahogany top and back. Then the wood got too expensive and for several years and were built them with a solid Mahogany top, but a plywood back. The older ones were better, and have gotten almost a cult following. "A sound all their own" is typical of the comments the Songbird people hear about them. Songbird built the Warbler with the solid back for a little while longer than the Whippoorwill, and this is one of those, probably one of the last. Possibly not more than 20 of these exist, really special dulcimer. It is in beautiful, well loved condition and sounds wonderful!

The owner prior to me, loved and played her dulcimer for many years, but physical problems prevented her from playing anymore, so she asked Songbird to sell it for her. I bought it from the Songbird people. It comes complete with a case, a collection of hammers, older but good Korg CA20 tuner good goose neck tuning wrench, a fold up non adjustable sit down stand and a height adjustable stand up stand.

Interesting collection of hammers. The dark ones are by Bob Bedard and play great. They would be my go to pair out of these. The Dusty Strings pair with their initials in the head are interesting. They have leather on both sides, and the one side is soft leather that is much wider than the hammer head. By varying the angle you strike the string with that side, you can control the tone, it is something Sam Rizetta was doing back then. It is cool, and works, but you'll never see another pair of hammers like it anywhere else. Not pictured there is also a light pair of Dusty Strings hammers with wool wrapped on one side, and they produce a really nice, soft sound. Also a home made pair of poplar hammers that are large, but fast and produce a nice sound. Shipping will be $75 for a total of $875. I will be glad to send pictures, I don't know how to load them in the add. Sorry ... l-and-rare
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