SOLD-Russell Cook MasterWorks Hammered Dulcimer 16/16c/15

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SOLD-Russell Cook MasterWorks Hammered Dulcimer 16/16c/15

Postby janvan77 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:06 pm

SOLD -I am selling an exquisite and stunning 16/16c/15 Russell Cook Masterworks Edition Extended Range hammered dulcimer (ultra light and compact). The extended bass bridge on the left has 15 strings. It has a lovely beautiful sound with not too much sustain, but just right. It is in excellent condition and only one year old. It sells new for $2,699 without the case. You will fall in love with the ethereal sound of this dulcimer. It comes with padded Masterworks case and a pair of hammers, plus a tuning wrench. Stand not included. Check out Ted Yoder's website where he has a video of him playing a similar XR dulcimer. $1,950.00.
I have copied a link to my Craigslist ad so that you can see pictures. ... 49633.html
If that link doesn't work for you, just e-mail me at and I will send pictures to you. Here is a video I did on Youtube so that you can hear what the dulcimer sounds like.

This is from Masterworks Website about this hammered dulcimer:
Start with a 16/16c Ultralight ... add an extra 15 bass course which allows for a low C, D, G or A then offset the top of the Treble to a 4th interval so you can Chromaticize the right side .... and Voila ... a ton of Range in a very compact, light and small Hammered Dulcimer.
Scalloped bridges which lightens them and makes them more flexible
Rosewood bridges which produce a rich mellow tone
Redwood stripped into the soundboard to add just a touch of it's attitude and tone
Redwood braces to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
Mahogany back to amplify and deepen tone
Redwood stripped into the back to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
Thinned and honeycombed internal endrails to lighten the instrument AND to create an extension of the soundboard thus making them musical rather than just structural
Thinned and tapered external endrails for the same reasons as the internal endrails
Reddish Brown stained top to visually aid seeing the strings in unusual or poor lighting
Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
Low Sustain Bridges with separated bridge caps
Exotic wood in the endrails (Curly Sheduia)
Wound Strings on lower end
Special sound hole inlays, exclusive to the Russell Cook Edition

A Damper System can be added to this Hammered Dulcimer
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