Lyrics for "Please Don't Tell my Daddy Jesus Isn't Real

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Lyrics for "Please Don't Tell my Daddy Jesus Isn't Real

Postby MatthewVanitas » Fri Sep 21, 2007 5:33 pm

I heard this tune done at the Fiddler's Grove festival this summer. It was done in a bit of a slow bluegrass style, but might originally be a country ballad number or such.

The theme was of a young boy overhearing two men arguing the existence of God, and begging not to tell his father that Jesus didn't exist. The chorus was something like:

"Please don't tell my Daddy Jesus isn't real,
I don't want him to be the way he was before
'Cause since my dad found Jesus, he don't stay out late or drink
And he doesn't hurt my mommy anymore."

It was a rather interesting song. The chords were basic I-IV-V, but does anyone know where I might find the lyrics?
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Re: Lyrics for "Please Don't Tell my Daddy Jesus Isn't Real

Postby american_wildcat03 » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:48 am

The lyrics are this:
As a little boy was playing
At the neighbor's house one day
Suddenly his face was sad and still
Two men were in discussion
and Tommy heard one say
There's no God and Jesus isn't real.

Please don't tell my daddy
Jesus isn't real
Please don't make him like he was before
Since Jesus saved my daddy
He's good to me and Bill
And he don't hurt my mama anymore.

He used to come home drinking
Little Tommy went on to say
And me and Bill would have to run and hide.
But now we are so happy
When he comes home everyday
And we don't have to hear our mommy cry.


The room was filled with silence
And tears had filled the eyes
Of two men shaking hands as they depart
They walked away so sadly
From little Tommy's cries
His pleading words still burning in their heart.

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