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Re: My article in the current issue of DPN

Postby dbennett » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:32 am

Don Grundy wrote:It’s a terrific article! I have an old style diatonic dulcimer. I’d appreciate more discussion of how to explore playing it.

Thanks Don.
I think many of us would like to see more articles in DPN on traditional ways of playing. Below I have two suggestions that "might" generate more articles:

1. If you're so inclined you (and others) may want to send DPN a note telling that you liked the article, what you liked about the article, or even what the article missed. And/or tell them that you'd like to see more articles on traditional ways of playing. They are a business and may react if they believe that'll help circulation.

Contacting DPN:
(If you send a email I recommend sending it to BOTH Angie and Dan)

2. For now I am tapped out on submitting anything because of my limited knowldgebase/experiance. But I can think of a half dozen folks (or more) on this forum who have been a fount of knowledge over the years. It is my opinion that if y'all proactively submit articles on different aspects of traditional ways of playing that they'll get printed. For over 25 years at work I was "Editor" of a technical newsletter that went out world-wide and I was constantly looking for articles and was delighted when people volunteered material (I don't think I ever rejected one though I may have helped editing and tweaking them a bit).

To submit articles to DPN you can use the two email addresses above but also go to: This link also has good suggestions on how to write an article.

FYI, the way it came about that I submitted an article is I didn't even have an article in mind. Last March/April I sent Dan Landrum an email telling him that to help me (and others like me) improve my traditional style playing that I'd like to see an article(s) that discussed the current state of traditional playing, and various aspects of playing, and that the accompanying CD would be a great place to have audio examples of people playing traditional styles. Dan said "Great! Will you write an article?" Initially I told him I wasn't qualified, but I'd see who I could get to write one. Well, long story short many people said they'd help me, but at the time weren't in a position to submit anything. Maybe they are now. :)

Point being, I didn't think I had an article in me. But thanks to all the help I had one developed. I have found over the years in writing articles that even when I didn't think I had anything that once I started putting down a few words that the rest often just starts flowing naturally.

I encourage others of you to submit articles to DPN, long or short. I do believe that then we'll see more articles that pertain to our particular interests.

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