Would Video lessons work 4U?

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Would Video lessons work 4U?

Postby peggycarter » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:19 pm

A picture is worth 1000 words... so I developed a series of video lessons to help dulcimer players learn new tunes and techniques. I call it my "Dulcimer Circle" and if you join my "Dulcimer Circle" you'll receive the URL each month to a new website that only "Dulcimer Circle" members will have access to. There are lessons on every level and you'll learn different styles of strumming and a variety of left hand techniques as well. I'll attach some lesson files to give you an idea.

Here's the link to see the free introduction:

Then scroll down to "Peggy's Dulcimer Circle"

Join my "Hammer Dulcimer Circle" NOW ..... Each month has video, note-by-note instructions for tunes for every level of difficulty... from just-out-of-the-box ("string-side-UP!") beginners to Advanced (Arrangements and playing suggestions for HD performers.) The price is $12 per month, but join NOW and pay only $120 for a YEAR, (2011) Thats two months for FREE.

Contact me thru Everything Dulcimer and I'll sign you up, or email me from my website. (above) or go to http://www.peggycartermusic.com and click on the "Dulcimer" pciture. You can pay by check or credit card. Call me for credit card orders:

Ph. 281-370-9495

See you on the web, Peggy Carter
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