Silicone Heat Belt for Bending Dulcimer Sides

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Silicone Heat Belt for Bending Dulcimer Sides

Postby mlsa » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:13 pm

[img]I have a 6" x 36" silicone heat belt with controller used to help bend sides of dulcimers or any instrument where sides need to be bent. The belt itself new costs $165 plus another $35 for the controller. The controller has a low, med, high range and then a full and variable. You can see the prices if you go to Blue Creek Guitar website. That's where I purchased this from. I want $100.00 for belt and controller plus any shipping costs.

It works great and you can see how they work by going on youtube. I've built maybe 5 dulcimers using it. Reason for getting rid of it is that I had a heart attack and double bypass which I'm trying to get over and now arthritis in feet really bad I can't stand for long so I sold all my wood working equipment.

You can email me at or call 832-549-4292


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