Autoharp Chord Buttons

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Autoharp Chord Buttons

Postby Harold » Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:49 pm

I am making a new set of chord bars for my 15 chord Chromaharp. I want to go to a 3 row arrangement with majors in the center row, minors in another row, and 7ths in the third row. I have made the bars. Now I need buttons. An easy solution might be to buy a set of 21 chord buttons. I have never looked closely at a 21 chord harp so I don't know how the buttons are attached. Would they normally be glued on, attached with a screw, fit into a slot, or some other means of attachment? I do want the buttons to be labeled.

One more question. What is the most reasonably priced source of felt? Looks like I need about 8 inches per bar if I use separate pieces as was done on my harp originally.

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