Kantele 11 string

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Kantele 11 string

Postby Jeanvieve » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:40 am

This is an exquisitely made Kantele by Michael King in the UK...it usually sells for 1200 dollars and a 9 month waiting period. I am playing it on friends of Mountain Dulcimer...this site does not want to take my pictures but will email them to interested parties.
It is a cherry kantele with Western Red Cedar soundboard and beech near the zither pins underneath. There is Runic Writing...May Brooks and trees and happy hills join in the chorus.
It comes with 3 books for learning ..2 by lani Thompson and one by a finnish Kantele player...cd also.
It also comes with a handmade case and bow by the luthier.
This is a high quality kantele made by a luthier who specializes in old instruments.
I am asking 840...plus shipping I live in Massachusets
It is in excellent condition.
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