Ken Bloom Bowed Dulcimer(Price Reduced)

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Ken Bloom Bowed Dulcimer(Price Reduced)

Postby wallwood » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:40 am

I am offering a custom made bowed dulcimer by Ken Bloom. I am a dealer of hardwoods and exotic lumber and we selected some the best for this instrument. The top is antique pine that was harvested in the 1850's. It has a grain similar to spruce. The back and sides are from the best piece of cocobolo that I have seen. Ken did an amazing job with this dulcimer and even carved a celtic horse head to top it off. Ken says it has one of the most mellow sounds of any of his dulcimers.

Price for this fine instrument with the bow and blue heron case is $1000 plus delivery.

Steve Wall
336 432 7007

New Price as of 3-14-17
$800 plus delivery
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