Jaw Harp/Jew's Harp/Mouth Harp with case

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Jaw Harp/Jew's Harp/Mouth Harp with case

Postby avanutria » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:41 pm

I bought this instrument after taking a workshop at the Oxford Folk Festival from Michael Wright (https://jewsharper.wordpress.com/about/) - he had a number of harps that students could buy if they wanted to continue to play. I later found this leather coin purse which works well as a case.

Life got in the way and I never really got to play with this harp, and now I have a front tooth with dental work on it which makes it not a great idea to play the harp (due to the vibrations it puts on your front teeth). Has anyone been wanting to play? Here's your chance! The harp is marked as in the key of G. Like new, hardly used.

Asking $25 including US shipping.


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