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FS: Ukrainian Banduras

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:17 pm
by naadbrahma
I am in fundraising mode to save up for a Masterworks dulcimer and as a result am selling some odds and ends. I have a Prima model made by Trembita in 2017. This was custom ordered as it has the extended bass and a total of 65 strings. With this model there is a mechanism like on a pedal harp that allows you to change keys easily. This one includes a case with backpack straps, tuning wrench, and a set of strings. $2,000

Bandura is like an open-faced piano. The main strings are tuned in G major and you reach over to the adjacent row to grab accidentals. It is a completely chromatic instrument capable of some amazing music. I don't have a computer but do have photos I can email. I also can meet via Skype on my phone of you want to hear it.