Newbie: Adding HD to Piano, MD

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Newbie: Adding HD to Piano, MD

Postby BobbaSkywalker » Thu May 25, 2017 10:10 pm

Hello, all. I took piano lessons as a kid but didn't return to it until in my early 50s, when I took over my mother-in-law's piano when she died. I know how to read sheet music from childhood, but it's only lately that I've studied some music theory and learned enough about chords to play the melody by ear and then fill in the bass line with some broken chords. I've got the key of C down well enough for playing songs with the typical chord progression, and now I'm working on the key of D.

And that ties in with my second instrument, a mountain dulcimer. My mother (an HD/MD player) gave me a Strumstick and later, a mountain dulcimer.

Now I have one of her hammered dulcimers, a Jake's Cabin Traveler. I can play melodies on it by ear. But I still need to learn how to tune the thing (one course of strings is way off tune on the bass bridge), how to fill in other notes, and how to play with a proper technique. I'll post questions specifically about those topics in other threads.
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