Chinese Dulcimer Or Yangqin In Question And Setup

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Chinese Dulcimer Or Yangqin In Question And Setup

Postby infinity88 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:08 pm

Greetings Everyone ~

I have been very interested in the hammered dulcimer. In particular the Chinese dulcimer or yangqin versions/types, and just recently I was able to get a
fantastic deal on a older one not to long ago.

It arrived safely and has a nice mother of pearl inlay on both sides. It is somewhat of a older version and I am unsure if it was made and meant to be a Chinese
version dulcimer or a older yangqin as the moveable chessmen pieces (I hope that is the right labeling of the pieces). I think all the newer yangqin models are
larger and have fixed 3 bridges?

If anyone might know I would like to find out by the configuration and layout what type is it, dulcimer/yanqin, and such as 14/13, 16/15 (sizing? and what that means)?

The strings look to be in good or fair condition and any info to where one can purchase strings, or piano wire or the best way to go with that, if not now then down the
road a little?

Then if able how to set it up (of the chessmen pieces) and the tuning, and if there are different tuning types that one can pick?

I will try to post a few pictures here as well.

Thank you so much for all your helpful information and insights. :)





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