Anyone else play chromatic in Ionian mode?

We've got all the notes and we're not afraid to use them.

Anyone else play chromatic in Ionian mode?

Postby Woodcricket » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:51 pm

I always played my diatonic dulcimer in Ionian mode. I like the sound. When I got my chromatic, I couldn't find an established playing method for Ionian, so I invented my own and learned to play guitar chords with it tuned to CGG. It's SO nice to be able to jam with sisters and friends on my dulcie - in any key!!
Anyone else do this or something similar?
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Re: Anyone else play chromatic in Ionian mode?

Postby dholeton » Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:25 pm

Hello WoodCricket
I'm glad to see you have found some success with playing your dulcimer with others. As for playing chromatic dulcimer, long story short, yes, I've had some chromatic dulcimer adventures. I built a dulcimer from a kit and added all of the frets so I could play all of the chords for many of the modern songs that were of interest at the time. I have trended away from using that instrument in that manner, but I think there is plenty of opportunity for a chromatic dulcimer to present some new sounds that we haven't discovered yet.

I often use my regular dulcimers with various tunings to just play chords while singing as long as the songs are in keys suitable for the dulcimer tuning. Usually, my friend is playing chords on either his mandolin or his guitar, so the sound from multiple instruments for the accompaniment to our singing adds some diversity. We need to work to find an arrangement that is in a suitable key for the dulcimer and our voices but on some songs we just aren't able to find a way to include the dulcimer. It sounds like a chromatic dulcimer would make it easier, doesn't it?

Maybe you'll share some of the tunes you play with your family and friends.

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