Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 18 January 1973

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Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 18 January 1973

Postby dbennett » Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:38 am

January 18, 1973: in Season 1 Episode 17 of The Waltons (1971-1981), a program that showed the life and trials of a 1930s and 1940s Virginia mountain family through financial depression and World War II, John Boy Walton plays two different Mountain Dulcimers.

The initial Walton pilot was broadcast in December 1971 and Season 1 of the series started in September 1972 and ran from 1972-1973. From a Wikipedia article regarding the release of the show: “Some sources indicate CBS put the show on its Fall 1972 schedule in response to congressional hearings on the quality of television. Backlash from a 1971 decision to purge most rural-oriented shows from the network lineup may have also been a factor. The network gave The Waltons an undesirable timeslot – Thursdays at 8 p.m., opposite two popular programs: The Flip Wilson Show on NBC and The Mod Squad on ABC. “The rumor was that they put it against Flip Wilson and The Mod Squad because they didn’t think it would survive. They thought, ‘We can just tell Congress America doesn’t want to see this’,” Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth Walton, said in a 2012 interview. Ralph Waite was reluctant to audition for the part of John Walton because he didn’t want to be tied to a long-running TV series, but his agent persuaded him by saying, “It will never sell. You do the pilot. You pick up a couple of bucks and then you go back to New York.””

This episode was nominated for two Emmy awards: one for best director and the other for best writer.

For more info from the episode see my dulcimentary at


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Re: Today In Mountain Dulcimer History 18 January 1973

Postby dholeton » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:43 am

Thanks again David for posting these history tidbits. They're a great start to the day with my morning coffee. I don't leave a message on all of them, but I do read them.

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