Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 20 August 1877

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Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 20 August 1877

Postby dbennett » Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:37 am

Abigail Hall Ritchie (1877-1972) was born in Perry County, Kentucky to John H. Hall (1851-1930) and Martha ‘Patsy’ Pratt. John Hall had a sister, Nervesta Hall (1861-1940) and Nervesta married William C. Singleton (1860-1950). This made Abigail a niece to dulcimer maker Will Singleton.

Abigail was married to Balis Ritchie (1869-1958) who was a fine dulcimer player. They were a musical family and had fourteen children, at least two of them, Edna and Jean, were well known ballad singers and dulcimer players.

In The Dulcimer Book by Jean Ritchie she writes, “...Abigail Ritchie, my mother, would always rather sing unhampered than bother with any instrument, even an easily-played one like the dulcimer, but sometimes even she would fall under the spell of the music, and when Dad put the dulcimer down, she’d pick it up and play a hymn, most always, “Jesus Lover of My Soul.”
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Re: Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 20 August 1877

Postby strumelia » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:51 am

What a wonderful and remarkable woman Abigail must have been.
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