Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 8 September 1950

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Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: 8 September 1950

Postby dbennett » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:05 am

Will C. Singleton (1860-1950) died in/near Viper, Kentucky. Will was a Kentucky mountain dulcimer maker and player who was married to Nervesta Hall (1861-1940), making him a great-uncle by marriage of Jean Ritchie. Nervesta Hall was the sister of John H. Hall (1851-1930). John H. Hall married Martha Pratt and were the parents of Abigail Hall, who married Balis Ritchie (1869-1958) and Abigail Hall (1877-1972) and were the parents of 14 children, one of them being Jean Ritchie. Got it?

Will Singleton is mentioned in the following books that I have:
• HANDICRAFTS OF THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS (1937), Allen H. Eaton, page 138
• How to Make and Play the Dulcimore (1973), Chet Hines, pages 40-44
• The Dulcimer Book (1974), Jean Ritchie, page 7
• Jean Ritchie’s Dulcimer People (1975), Jean Ritchie, pages 18, 31
• A Catalogue of Pre-Revival Appalachian Dulcimers (1983), L. Allen Smith, pages 74-76, dulcimers D56-D63. Most of Singleton’s dulcimers in this book were made in the 1930s but one was made 18 January 1922.
• Stories from the Anne Grimes Collection of American Folk Music (2010) by Anne Grimes, pages 19-20.
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