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Postby KenH » Sat Jul 27, 2002 2:57 pm

I got my last batch online, but can't rememebr the URL...Sneaky anyway, do a Google search on "herco picks" and find a place that sells them by "each" not the box. I love my Herco Flat/Thumb picks.... bige enough to hold, but with the thumb loop too!!!
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Postby Gail Knapp » Sat Jul 27, 2002 5:15 pm

Ken, Are the herco picks perhaps the funny looking ones that i saw last week at the music store.? They were bright colored, with little holes all through them, it was like a reg. pick with a thumb pick attached? I sure didn't know anything about them. Are they especially for flat picking? Or is this something else all together? GailK
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