Free Tab for June 2017 - "Land of Rest"

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Free Tab for June 2017 - "Land of Rest"

Postby Tull » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:07 pm

Hi all,

I've just finished uploading this month's free tab arrangement on my website, Eagle Creek Music. June marks the beginning of the summer vacation season, when many folks avail themselves of the opportunity to visit some of the most magnificent and awe-inspiring landscapes in the United States which have been designated as National Parks areas. A 2009 PBS documentary about the National Parks by Ken Burns featured an old American folk melody called "Land of Rest" as a recurring theme song through the 6-part series.

The tune "Land of Rest" has roots as a ballad from Northern England and Scotland. It is traced back to "The Christian Harp", published in 1832, and also appears in the form of a shape note hymn in the "Southern Harmony" hymnal titled "New Prospect". In the 1844 edition of "The Sacred Harp" hymnal, it was re-named as "Land of Rest" for its pairing with the hymn "O Land of Rest For Thee I Sigh". It has also been paired with the hymn "Jerusalem My Happy Home".

Annabel Morris Buchanan (1888 - 1983) was a musicologist of American folk music, having received degrees from the Landon Conservatory in Dallas, TX, as well as the Guilmant Organ School in New York City. She had remembered her grandmother singing the tune "Land of Rest" to her as a little girl. She published the common harmonization of the tune in use today in her 1938 collection titled "Folk Hymns of America".

Here's a link to a YouTube video of the theme from the 2009 PBS National Parks documentary by Ken Burns. (This arrangement is by Bobby Horton, who I believe is responsible for adding the "bridge" part of the tune):

This is a 2-part arrangement, so find a playing partner and enjoy. And if you happen to visit any of our national parks this summer, be sure and take your dulcimer along!

In music and friendship,

Tull Glazener
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