Welcome to the new EverythingDulcimer! This site contains a lot of information about the appalachain mountain dulcimer and the hammered dulcimer. Songs, tutorials, jam locations, builders, history - it's all coming! Take a look around. The site is still under development, but is expanding rapidly. Take a look at the latest news below.

The Festival list has been updated with the most recent information. Several festivals in March have unfortunately been cancelled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Please take action to stay safe and healthy during this time.
The "under the hood" work on the tab database is done. I've added a basic page that shows a list of tabs in the database. This will be updated in the future, but currently provides access to most of the files in the database.
Work on the tab database has begun. The files are currently loaded on the site. There's some manual work that needs to be done to build the file database, which is a work in progress. The page may be unstable and change a bit while it's under development, but more tabs will become available as work continues.
The festivals list and builders pages have been updated and are now generated on the fly when someone views them by loading info from the website's databases. They should look the same as before, but are much easier to update and maintain. Clubs and Tablature pages are in the works! 😊
The festivals list has been updated! If you'd like add a festival to the list, please reply to this post in the discussion forums.
I'm happy to see some folks finding the site, joining the conversation in the forums, and the positive comments about the site being up! I hope everyone's enjoying the site even though it's still being built.

Today the site reached a big milestone. While it looks the same, the site is now running a custom foundation that generates webpages dynamically and will be used for the lists (builders, festivals, etc.) and tablature database. More to come!
The discussion forums are now online! *** Join in! ***
The new EverythingDulcimer is online!