About EverythingDulcimer

Welcome to EverythingDulcimer.com! This website was started in January 2020 to be a community for dulcimer players. The site will host information about playing the dulcimers, festivals, clubs, tablature (tabs) and discussion forums.

This site is not affilitated with the former EverythingDulcimer, though it's meant to be a similar place. The original site shutdown in June 2018.

I personally started playing the mountain dulcimer in September 2017 and EverythingDulcimer was one of the first sites recommended to me at a workshop I attended. It was a great resource. I took a break from playing in early 2018 to prepare for a move and it took until the spring of 2019 before I picked it up again. That was when I found the site had shut down, and I was sad to see it go.

In June 2019 I set up a site called DulcimerJam to host a list of dulcimer events and festivals.

In December 2019 I returned to the site to get another copy of the archives of the site and found the domain name was expired and going to be auctioned. I was able to enter the auction and ultimately won, likely saving everythingdulcimer.com from becoming a permanent adverstisement.

Now I'm in the process of building a new site. The goal is to build a home on the web for the dulcimer community to host tablature, forums, a list of clubs, builders, and upcoming festivals. I will be bringing the work and experience from building DulcimerJam over and build the rest up from there.

Throughout 2020 I'll be adding features and building up the infrastructure to make the site easy to maintain. Currently, a list of festivals is available. Discussion forums and photos are my current project. After that I'll be working on setting up the tablature and club/builder lists.