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    So glad Everything Dulcimer is back. FB is good but loved going to E D. To read about dulcimer stuff. Thank you to whomever brought this back.
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    Sandy "A Quiet Music" sounds like an excellent meditation piece for church services. I can understand why you would want to play it in its entirety. Many times I'm able to find either a different tuning or semi-suitable alternate notes for songs that have notes that require frets that don't exist on my dulcimer(s). There is one song that I really like but the only solution is a 3.5 fret needs to be added. So, this is kinda' off the wall, but I'll offer it as a suggestion anyway. I took a finish nail and filed it flat on one side until it was approximately the same height as the frets. I used Scotch tape to attach to the fretboard between the 3rd and 4th frets (see pictures below). I always play this particular song with a noter and the temporary fret works fine. I wouldn't expect the fret to work repeatedly on multiple songs in a jam session, but it works fine for the song I play and it is used once for each verse. Flexifrets might also be an option if you're willing to modify the fretboard on your dulcimer (see link to Bear Meadow). https://www.bearmeadow.com/flexifrets/html/using-flxfrts.html Dave
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