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  1. Looks like you've got plenty there to go on! Scott Antes was a well known and respected dulcimer builder. His how-to build a Hammered Dulcimer is highly regarded. That James Hall design is called a Fiddle shape. Not particularly common, but a nice shape. More difficult to build than an Hourglass, as you've noticed. 28.5" VSL is very long by modern standards. If you play Noter & Drone or Fingerdance style they can be good. But modern Chord-Melody stylists with short fingers find them harder to work with. Most today are built with a 26" or 27" VSL. I don't know the Hall name as a builder though. That would be very pretty scaled down a bit; or simply kept full body size but with a shorter VSL layout, leaving a little extra space behind the nut. Any plan can be scaled down or just reduced in width; although just reducing width may not be as aesthetically pleasing. Forget all that stuff about theories for fret placement calculations. Everyone today uses one of several calculators that will give you fret places for any VSL you care to enter. Another thing to ignore on those older plans, in light of modern glues and such, is mention of kerf strips to provide a wider gluing surface. Almost no one uses them these days; they are an added hassle, time consuming, and simply not necessary if you use Titebond or Titebond II glues rather than hide glue or Elmers white glue... Pick a design, and I'll send you some pictures on how to make a simple bending and building jig for the shape.
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