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  1. Oil based paint should provide good protection for wood. If some type of clear finish wasn't available or too expensive, paint's a good option. Ed Thomas could have done it for aesthetic reasons, or maybe just due to cost/availability of material. Through some twist of fate, the few Thomas dulcimers I've encountered in person were all unpainted ones.
  2. Hi Irma, I just noticed this. For some reason I didn't get a notification about your post. No worries - your festival is already on the list!
  3. Great timing, I was just looking around for festival updates as a lot of the ones in April are being cancelled or postponed. Glad to hear it will still take place this year and that you're able to reschedule! Hope you are well, stay safe!
  4. I'll try to outline to basics of getting started: select File->New to bring up the New Tablature dialog Click only one of the checkboxes for a single instrument and in the drop down next to the checkbox select "Dulcimer DAD" or "Dulcimer DAA" as appropriate Choose the number of measures you'd like in your song, the timing (default is 4/4), and the scale (probably D Major unless you know you're using a different scale) Press OK Click on greyed out full rest symbol in the tab area of the music staff. You can click any of the 3 strings. The full rest is shown on the melody line. select the type of note you want (quarter, half, whole, eighth, etc) from the note pallet (it's one of the floating windows) press the number of the fret you want to finger there press the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next note Tips: You can click on the other strings above/below notes you've already entered to to put notes on all three strings if you want to show chords. If you're familiar with a piano keyboard, you can use the keyboard toolbox to input notes instead of pressing numbers For half frets, press + after the number. For example 6.5 would be entered as 6+ If one of the pallets you want isn't visible, they're turned on and off through the View->Palletes menu Hopefully that will help get you started 🙂
  5. My most recent attempt at Rosin the Beau is attached. I saw it was labeled "Irish wake song" in the tab database, but it felt like a faster fiddle tune to me so I played it in a more lively style. Audio recording 2020-03-10 21-14-02.aac
  6. I started working on Rosin the Bow/Beau yesterday. It's just coincidence on the timing, but we'll say it's for St. Patrick's day 😃 I'll take a look at some of the other songs mentioned and see if there's some simple arrangements that would be easy to pick up.
  7. Hi Stephen, I think you're spot on. My first dulcimer had a scale length over 29 inches. Even with large hands I find it a stretch to play some chords and there is a lot of movement going up and down the fret board. It does have a really nice tone though. The instruments I play the most are 25-26 inch VSL and it's much more comfortable and easier to get around the fretboard. I've only dabbled in chromatic briefly (I'm still learning diatonic), but I think you're on to something with slides producing a diatonic scale. I've recently started playing a dulcimer with a 1+ fret more often and it does make it a little more difficult to play tunes with slides across 1 to 2 and I find myself hopping the 1+ to avoid the out of scale note. What are some of your tips for getting started with playing chromatic? It feels like a bit of a jump from diatonic where a lot of the music theory is built right into the fretboard 🙂
  8. Admin


    It's coming along. 😃 The page is usable, though there's still some work to do. The format of the tab page was just something quick I put together to be able to test. I'm working on something a little better. There are also some tabs that only exist as a jpg or gif instead of a pdf and those aren't displayed yet, but that info is already in the site database. Thanks! You are correct, it is the files from the zip archive from the old site. The csv file lacks a header, so what the columns mean is a bit of guess work. There are a few columns that I'm still uncertain what they mean. The 7th column is always empty. There are also three columns that sometimes contain "yes" and I haven't figured out what those might correlate with. The site is building the page with the audio file that was there. I had assumed (incorrectly) that they were all midi files, which is why they're labeled that way. I'll change the header to something more generic and have the script note where something is MIDI, MP3 or otherwise. I just did something similar for the Lyrics column. I originally thought they were all ABC files, but there are some plain text files scattered in there as well. Overall the csv file was rough around the edges and required some effort to turn into a working database. There's a lot of mangled Unicode characters in later lines that needed to be fixed. There's also a good number of unescaped line breaks, commas and quotation marks sprinkled in throughout the file. I'm glad you looked at it and were able to verify some of the files lined up. I spot checked some as I added blocks to the database. For the ones I checked, the files were all in the right place and were linked to the right song entry. I think the idea for MP3 files is great. It definitely would be nice to hear how a tab would sound on a dulcimer. It wouldn't be difficult to have both a MIDI version and an MP3 version of songs in the list. MIDI can be good to have for listening to how different instruments would sound. I'll give everyone a heads up when it's ready for new uploads. Updates will definitely be welcome. It's still a little ways off, but I have been testing account logins and file uploads in the background.
  9. @Carla Maxwell I saw the article about you and Adrian hosting the event in the new Dulcimer Players news. Look's like a great venue 😃 You've got a great set of performers and instructors there. I'm sure it's going to be a great event!
  10. @Nancy I've added it to the list. Do you have a website link for the workshop? I don't have a good way to add an email contact to the database currently.
  11. Ken's referring to the large screw in the middle of the gear. It's not an adjustment screw, but it can be too tight and prevent the gear from turning.
  12. A good next step might be taking the tuner off and seeing if you can learn any more about why it's not turning. For that style of tuner, they're just held in by the two Philips screws. If you end up needing a replacement, I found these on Amazon, which look close, though they may not be an exact match: https://www.amazon.com/Golden-Gate-F-2000-Acoustic-Guitar/dp/B005N61EZG
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