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  1. Right now I put my dulcimers back in their case when I'm done playing, but I'd like to have get a stand for them. My main motivation is ease of access, so I can just grab one and play when I sit down in the living room. I'd also like to display them, like folks do with guitars. Does anyone have recommendations for a good stand? I did some searching, but most of what I came up with were either hammered dulcimer stands or generic instrument stands that looked like they may not work well for a dulcimer.
  2. I think my journey with the dulcimer is best summed up in a description I heard at a workshop: "The mountain dulcimer is the last best hope to play a musical instrument." 😂 I'd tried to learn a few instruments over the years including violin, ukulele, and guitar. With guitar and ukulele I felt like I was doing contortions to get chord shapes and never became comfortable with them. Violin was a little better in that it was only one note at a time, but I had a lot of trouble hearing if I was on pitch. My teacher was always having me move my finger a little bit and I couldn't hear the di
  3. I was asking the same question a couple years ago. It's hard to find good info on all the different builders. There's a lot out there and the price range varies by builder, features, and how fancy the instrument is. Prussia Valley's store page can give you an idea of some of the different makers/prices. This is just a starting point for you to browse and get some information: http://prussiavalley.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=21 I'd spend some time searching and looking at different shops/builders to see what suits you. In general, features like ebony fret boards or fancy/exotic wo
  4. I saw your other post in the events section and I've added the festival to the list 🙂
  5. Welcome! I'm going add the ability for users to add to the list directly, but at the moment I have to manually update it. I've created a post that I'll monitor for adding festival info. If you have the details, post them there and I'll get them added for you:
  6. I'm glad to see folks are finding their way here and I hope to make the site as useful to community as possible. I've had a couple requests to add events to the festivals page, and I'm happy to. My plan for the festival list (and other lists) is to have the ability for everyone to add directly to it. That's still a work in progress and may be a few months off. In the mean time, I can update the list manually. The ones on the list are just events I'm familiar with, but I want to add as many possible. Reply below with: Festival Name Location (city, state) (and country if o
  7. Welcome to the new EverythingDulcimer forums. Feel free to post and help build the community. The site is still being built, so if you run into any issues, please let me know! Enjoy! 😊
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