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  1. Hi Jonas (et al) I am attaching a link to a pdf posted on my Dropbox : "De Hommel in Lage Landen." It is a short English introduction from 1976 to a much larger book of the same name by Hubert Boone. Anyone can download it using the link. As I said, I believe Wim Bosmans was involved in the English summary. Last contact I had with him a couple years ago, he was still playing traditional music. The larger book is well worth searching out for the many photos of historic instruments. As you can see from the photos on the cover of the pdf, the instrument took on many differen
  2. Hi Jonas The type of instrument you have was very popular in the late 19th- early 20th Centuries. It was called a hommel, or hummle, among many other names. In the French speaking areas it might be called eppinette. Check out Salon Ambrosine for a contemporary take on eppinette music from Wallonia. In 1975 I met a Flemish musicologist named Wim Bosman at a festival in Ireland. He was traveling with his group, which featured four or five of these instruments. I believe he called them "vlier," although that may have been the name of the group. It was a long time ago. I seem to recall t
  3. Hi Holly! Hope you are well. You still got this puppy? I have a friend who is looking for her first instrument. Onward!
  4. Greetings from the State of Seclusion! Since my rural internet will not allow me to Livestream or otherwise engage with the world in real-time, I've decided to post all of my old Kicking Mule, Flying Fish and Wizmak recordings on Bandcamp. You can listen to them free for nothing, or download them for a greatly reduced price. Here's a link to my Bandcamp page. There are a couple other things up there, too. Including the demo recording for my Folk/Jazz fusion band "Southern Light" and the only recording of the legendary Tex Pistols. And there's more to come. And yeah, I'm still ar
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