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  1. We've created another Hearts of the Dulcimer podcast episode especially for dulcimer players: Episode 048: Stay Home and Play Dulcimer: with Heidi Muller and Bob Webb https://dulcimuse.com/podcast/resource/048.html We spoke with Heidi Muller and Bob Webb, who shared tips and ideas for using time at home to improve your dulcimer players. Be sure to check out and download the two free TAB arrangements on the episode's resource page.
  2. If you haven't heard the Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast yet, we now have 47 episodes! The Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast explores the mountain dulcimer's past, present, and future. If you like mountain dulcimers, this is the podcast for you. Our latest episode is called Stay Home and Play Dulcimer: with Stephen Seifert This episode was especially created for dulcimer players. We spoke with Stephen Seifert, one of the top dulcimer performers and teachers in the mountain dulcimer world. Steve gives tips and ideas for what dulcimer players can do to help improve their playing while they
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