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  1. Hey Ken, Thanks. It took a while but I finally managed to getter done. This software isn't something I'll learn in a day. But thanks for your reply .
  2. I can't download TablEdit even though I paid for it. I downloaded demo in November. I'm having trouble removing that from my mac. At this point I just want a refund because there is no support - apparently - apart from email. Figuring this out via email might take months. Any suggestions?
  3. Yup I took the plunge! As I reported in another forum, "best $20 I've spent." I'm still fairly new to the Dulcimer World (I'm not sure why it took me so long to find my way here) but I have played the guitar for years, as well as piano, and received quite a bit of formal training. I say this just to indicate that I've had enough formal training in music to know that the phrase I've heard tossed about a lot in the dulcimer world that goes "just play the damn thing," while it might work, usually (never) works as well as having someone who knows what they're doing teach you how to play the damn thing. It is quickly obvious that he would be a perfect clinician. In three short hours this afternoon Seifert's teaching made many things much easier, just by making slight adjustments to my 'self taught' ways. I know nothing of his bio, but I'm pretty sure the guy has to be a well schooled musician. His approach is logical and linear, and true to the billing, that series would accommodate just about any level of player, from someone who knew almost nothing about music in any way to....well I haven't seen it to the end but I expect he'll go a lot farther up the ladder than I will ever climb. Thanks to Covid19 and Mr. Seifert, I'm probably gonna come out my current 'house arrest' fatter, hairier, and a pretty fair dulcimerizer.
  4. Does anyone in here have any experience with Stephen Seiferts Mountaindulcimeratoz package? I guess I'm an intermediate player. I know SS is a highly regarded clinician and wonderful player. I have never 'learned' by video and don't know if $20/month would be worth it. Advise me please.
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