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  1. I take it you don't see the need for them being removable and I can see your point. It does make me wonder if the customer ever took them off. I figure that having them plug in shouldn't be a problem since, you can always just leave them in and pretend they are not removable, so my inclination is still to not glue them in/on. I'd just as soon not have them there when final sanding, finishing, and even if the instrument ever comes back for refinishing having them come out seems like a plus. I have not done so, but I could also imagine the sockets as a really clean way to attach a possum
  2. I have had a few customers in the past request removable feet for playing their instruments on a table. I have done this a few times by reinforcing the sockets on the tail end with a little backer piece for each foot inside the instrument and using some 1/4" dowel to plug in the wooden foot to a hole in the back. When I have done this I have used three feet one near the head end of the instrument and two closer to the tail end. It has been a while so my memory is fuzzy, but I probably plugged the one on the head end into the end block rather than use a backer piece. My instruments are most
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