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  1. Is anyone familiar with Wautaga Lake Dulcimers? They appear to have a quite affordable ($210) solid-body electric of the "slab and a fingerboard" variety. https://wataugalakedulcimers.webs.com/dulcimers
  2. I saw a questioner on another forum asking about electric dulcimers, and I was kinda surprised that on Etsy I could find makers of electric strumsticks and the like, but I couldn't find many electric lap-dulcimers, and the few that were, were quite pricey. Are there any makers making relatively affordable solid-body dulcimers currently? Not to underrate luthiery skill or anything, but it seems pretty simple to construct. Alternately, if someone is on a budget and wants a solid-body electric, am I right that they could just get a fretboard from the Cardboard Dulcimer people, glue it onto any slab of material to make a body, and then find a way to rig a lipstick pickup through the strum-hollow?
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