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  1. MJS

    Making Dulcimers

    Thnk you all for the great tips, advise and information. Looks like I now need to finds plans for an hour glass with the flat type head stock.
  2. Hi just found your site and joined as I wanted to get back into making dulcimers. I built my first dulcimer in 2004 it was and elliptical or teardrop shape. Then changed jobs and didn't have time to get back into it. Over the past 3 years I have started again and built a Uke along with about 15 different cigar box/license plate guitars. Everything from non-fretted to fretted with full electrics.Which got me wanting to gt back to the dulcimer as I really enjoyed the whole process. Again my first one was scratch built from a design I found, it had a scroll type head stock with mechanical style tuners, a fret board which was cut away under neath and then glued to two pieces under each edge to make the top. However, this time I want to make a Hourglass style but still undecided as to the head stock. I know see people are making them with a flat head stock pretty much like the cigar box guitars or a regular guitar. Not really sure what difference it makes is it sound or ease of built for the flat style vs the Scroll stye, or personal preference? I noticed in the previous comments NoteMan said that building plans are not common. However, I did notice in one of his photos his partially build dulcimer was laying on what appear to be a template/diagram, and was wondering if the was his own design or a bought plan? KWL suggested a plan from Elderly and I wasn't sure if this was a good place to start or if you all recommended some place else for a good template/design to start with? Also it appear if I am reading correctly you don't need to make the fret board semi hollow underneath and use two pieces for a sound board like my first dulcimer. But rather you can use a solid fret board across the top of a one piece sound board or am I mistaken? I also see that on some designs from internet photos the sides are glued along the edge of the top and bottom block, and some of the blocks have slits cut into them to hold the sides. Again personal preference or doest it make for a stronger build? Sorry for all the questions but appears there have been some changes since I built my first one , and although I liked my first one I want to make my next one better just as I did in making my cigar box guitars. I was planning on a walnut back and sides with either a spruce or cedar top, wasn't sure for the fret boar as yet. Any suggestions or input would be much appreciated. Thank you, MJS
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