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  1. Hello to all and thank you for reviving this beautiful dulcimer site! I have been playing dulcimer since about 1994. With some long stretches of not playing due to raising children. I started playing noter-drone style in DAA with the Larkin book using the cassette tape that accompanied the book. After about a decade I found a nearish dulcimer group to play with, they played DAD chord-melody style, so I switched to that. About a decade later I had David Mckinney build me a chromatic 3 string dulcimer with a 25 inch VSL - I love it! I tune it to DAE.
  2. I have a chromatic dulcimer built by David McKinney of Modern Mountain Dulcimers. I keep it tuned to DAE. I prefer this tuning because the chord shapes are very compact and work well for my small hands.
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