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  1. Yes, it is a Hughes Church dulcimer. It has a good sound. I was young and dumb around 1980 and obtained it as a kit with the intention of making a dulcimer that could play chords in multiple keys. The strings were arranged in 3 courses. Later, I decided I liked it with the strings according to Virgil's original design. One of my to do projects is to redo the fretboard by converting it back to something closer to the original diatonic design. Dave
  2. Thanks for the tablature and midi files Burt. Also, thanks for the information on the word Pavane. I didn't know it was used in other song titles. A song on my to learn list is Pavane pour orchestre avec choir, Opus 50 and I didn't know Pavane was a word for a processional dance. I thought Pavane was unique to that song title. Dave
  3. All but one of my dulcimers have a 1 1/4" wide fretboard. One dulcimer has a 1 1/2 inch wide fretboard. I play all styles (chords, noter, etc.) and these widths are okay for my playing style. I also have all of my dulcimers configured with double melody strings. A person might like a little wider fretboard if the strings (3, 4, or 5) were going to be arranged as equidistant. Dave
  4. I have a six string dulcimer called a church dulcimer. It has two strings close together for the melody and the rest are equidistant drones. The extra strings can provide a lot of diversity, but I usually play it alone since the extra strings might clash with other instruments. I also have a scheitholt with 9 strings and like the six-string dulcimer, I usually play it when I'm alone. Dave
  5. There are many tablature files in multiple tunings at this site. Many of the tablature files have an mp3 file to help with learning the song. Dave Mountain Dulcimer DAA, DAC, DAG tablature
  6. Ground Hog day is next week. Does anyone have any songs that relate to ground hogs? I have one ground hog song in three different mountain dulcimer tunings if you're looking for a ground hog song on the site below. Search the PDF or MP3 folders for songs with ground hog in the title. Happy Ground Hog Day! Dave https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APZ7kXyURRnmQ9s&id=4E95DE6FFA7B2AEA!548&cid=4E95DE6FFA7B2AEA
  7. Thanks Bert I was surprised to see this song could be played on a mountain dulcimer. I know the melody so I tried it in DAA and it works in DAA, too. Dave
  8. I know there are plenty of tablature files available, but I thought I would provide the link to my OneDrive anyway. I've added some Christmas tablature in DAA, DAC, DAG, and other tunings. I've also been adding a lot of non-holiday tablature. Dave OneDrive
  9. That's what's neat about starting something like this. It's not fully designed yet and the melody can go anywhere. Your version works good, too. Dave
  10. Thanks Ken I never liked watching the Stones live on TV (Ed Sullivan, etc.), but we had one of their early albums and I liked some of the songs on that album. I decided I didn't like them after they were associated with a concert that resulted in a lot of violence. Other bands were present, but it seemed like the Stones got blamed the most for the things that went wrong at the concert. Later, they recorded Wild Horses and I kinda' liked that song. Today, they play too many of their songs (and usually the same ones) on the oldies radio stations and I switch the channel when Satisfaction comes on because I never cared for that song and it is played way too often (in my opinion). There are lots of other good old songs from that period that don't seem to get played. Thanks also for suggesting I develop a tune anyway. I worked it a little bit and it took a while to forget the Rainbow, but attached is what came to me. For now I'll call it Dorian Meditation, because I just found myself wandering around with three different sequences. Two of the sequences land on nine (maybe land on nine should be the title), and one sequence lands on four. I found I might like to play any sequence any number of times and in any order, but landing on four seemed to provide a final meditative thought. 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 (land on nine #1) 7 8 6 6 7 5 5 6 4 (land on 4) 11 12 13 12 11 10 9 (land on 9 #2) Dave Dorian_Meditation.mp3
  11. In my waking moments a snippet of a tune was stuck in my head. I was thinking I had heard it before. Play all of the following frets (without playing the middle or drone strings) and see if you know the song where this interval was used. 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 (all notes are the same except 9 is twice as long) I was thinking I would like to make a tune including this interval, but as the day progressed I found where I had heard this before and it is a copyright song. I'll provide the tune after I've let everyone here try to determine the song for a while. Dave
  12. Thanks Ken I think there is a time interval for editing. I see the edit button on my post from Tuesday, but no edit button on the original post. Yes, a 1/12 fret would be for mature audiences only! Dave
  13. I'm catching up on this topic and this time I noticed I probably typed 1/12 fret when I intended to type either 1 1/2 (1.5) or 1/2. Oh well. Dave
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