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  1. That's a great idea JohnR. I'll start a thread and add a few common mountain dulcimer questions and I'll count on others to add more FAQ and answers as time goes by. Dave
  2. That's a great story JohnR. "Morning Coffee" is a great name and maybe the first lines to be sung might be I poured my morning coffee and much to my surprise We're out of cream I began to scream but whiskey would be nice Just kidding, it'll never go anywhere. I hope you had a chance to play some music with your Mother. Dave
  3. I added something in every forum category where I felt I had something to add. Hopefully others will start signing up and adding their own topics. Dave
  4. A mountain dulcimer can be played in chord/melody style, melody only style, fingerpicked, flatpicked, bowed, with a noter, with a feather, with a corset style, just with chords, and maybe some other styles that escape me right now. Some tunes will be easier to play in one tuning than other tunings (i. e. a tune might be easier to play in DAA than DAD tunings or vice versa). Some tunings require the melody to be played on the middle or bass strings where other tunings present the melody entirely on the melody string(s). Attached is a pdf tablature file for "Angelina Baker" in DAD, DAA, CGC, and CGG tunings. The melody is presented in the tablature and the chords are listed and a person who knows chords on a dulcimer might add chords to the melody at times. The file is an example of how a song can be played in different tunings and styles. This version of "Angelina Baker" is per the original Stephen Foster composition and it is a little different from the way some people play "Angeline The Baker" or "Angelina Baker". Dave Angelina_Baker.pdf
  5. This was my second attempt at making a dulcimer from scratch. It is very crude and there are many mistakes, but I like the way it plays. I put heavy strings on it just for melody only playing and I keep it tuned EBG and on occasion change it to DAG, CGF, and other tunings where the melody string will be tuned to A, G, or F. Attached are pictures and I also include an mp3 file so you can hear how it sounds. Dave For_Thy_Gracious_Blessing_CGF.mp3
  6. Here is a link to "Hold On", which is one of the songs I learned early in my dulcimer development. I found the song in McSpadden's Four and Twenty dulcimer book that came with my first kit dulcimer in 1978. The picture at the end of the video is my father in law in the early 1900's with a team of mules on a farm implement (I'm not sure what it is). Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbBPZU--UgE
  7. Below is a link to my OneDrive sharefolder where I have placed some mountain dulcimer sheet music, tablature, and mp3 files. Some of the tunes are in melody only format and some are in chord/melody format. The files include tunes in many different tunings and I encourage you to experiment. You can reply here if you have questions. Dave P.S. Eventually I expect to move many of the files to the tablature section on this site. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APZ7kXyURRnmQ9s&id=4E95DE6FFA7B2AEA!548&cid=4E95DE6FFA7B2AEA
  8. Thanks again for creating this site. I belong to the sites on Facebook but the comments just roll along and there's not a good way to search history. On the old Everything Dulcimer site I would go back to review discussions from previous years and it helped me re-remember what I forgot. It was also useful if a new player joined and asked the same question that had been answered many times before. We could just direct them to the old discussion. I probably won't spend much time on Facebook anymore. Dave
  9. I just joined this site and I'm looking forward to participating here when time allows. Here is a test of the link function (it required a certain method on the old site). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgGlz08JW_Q Here's also a test for adding a pdf file and an mp3 file. Also, it's not to soon to start working on songs that will be popular on February Two. Dave GroundHog_DAA_Dulcimer.pdf Groundhog_DAA.mp3
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