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  1. I don't know Hunt as a builder either. If I had to guess, the top could be wormy (sometimes called 'pecky') chestnut perhaps salvaged from an old barn timber. The sides look like commercially-available decorative pine molding; the fretboard, head and tail are walnut. The rest follows what my friend KenL said, including the potential price.
  2. David -- we're talking about removeable "feet" here -- not removeable "frets".
  3. That's Jethro Amburgy, not Jepta. To those of us who favor the older, more traditional dulcimores from "the Masters", such instruments have "a certain value" depending on the maker anw ehre the insturment falls in his catalogue of creations. The best place to ask about traditional dulcimers is to join The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimer site: Home | TTAD- The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore
  4. Cheryl -- word of advice -- people are NOT going to buy (or even send queries about) an instrument they can't see! A photo of a hand scribbled description is useless. Show photos of the instrument itself -- not a case and a stand.
  5. Praetorious has a lot to answer for! Scheitholt was as common a name for a fretted zither as Hog Fiddle is for mountain dulcimer. To compare, the area of Tyrol is 10,000 sq. miles. The area of Virginia (home of the Hog Fiddle) is 42,000 sq. miles.
  6. A couple of our friends are building special Traditional dulcemores (3 strings, staple frets, no 6+) for Noter & Drone and Fingerdancing. All proceeds to go to the Hindman Recovery. Check it out on TTAD and FOTMD if you're interested.
  7. This would be better if it moved to the Hammered Dulcimer Threads.
  8. I've never heard of Michael Mann as a builder of HDs. You know it's a 12/11. That IS the kind of HD it is. What more are you looking for? Tuning chart? String gauges? Construction details? What's wrong with the instrument that it needs to be "restored"? Cracks, holes (other than the sound hole?) broken strings, broken tuning pins? Cracked pin blocks? Dirty, bad finish? Some detailed photos will certainly help us help you.
  9. Sorry -- wrong Huntsville. Dave is in Alabama... the only Huntsville I knew about until now...
  10. The big makers -- Folkcraft and McSpadden, may do a custom build with included pickup; the same as any other builder. But there just isn't a big enough market for built-in acoustic pickups to warrant having instruments like that in stock. People who want custom pickups also tend to want other custom features as well, so it's easier to start from scratch. Most players today play in circle groups or 'gangs' -- not as solo or group performers on stages. I play (at least pre-Covid) a fair amount of Open Mics, and just use a simple stick-on piezo pickup. No need for concert hall acoustics. The other option I've considered is my own condenser mic that I can stand mount in front of me to pickup both the dulcimer and my vocals.
  11. Good to know, Ken. I hadn't realized Elwood had published a Cater-family tunebook.
  12. Nothing for free that I've ever seen. The Carter/Cash clan hold tight reins on all their music. However, John Sackenheim has a book of 17 Cash songs for $20: Johnny Cash (johnsackenheim.com)
  13. If you are selling the DULCIMER, as the title sys, then you have this posted in the wrong section -- Accessories not Instruments for Sale What does the instrument look like??? I don't care how pretty the case is, or what a hand scribbled description says, I want to see the wood of the top and back to ensure there are no cracks, dings, dents or other issues like missing bridges, broken strings, etc. If all you're selling is the stand and case, you need to make that clear. Whatever you're selling you need to TYPE the Exact price (not a range price) you're asking, not have it on a photo of a scribbled piece of paper.
  14. Dwayne's Bear Meadow Fret Calculator is nice, and accurate, but it is actually one of the most complicated fret spacing calculators available, in part because it includes both diatonic and chromatic frets, and a novice builder can easily get confused and use the wrong number(s).
  15. In the future, use ENGLISH PLEASE! The language of this Forum is English. I doubt anyone here reads more than one or two ideograms! And trying to use a phrase translator is very cumbersome. Your subject and the two English words of your post do not make sense together. Location of Pins? Do you mean the tuning knobs at the head end of the dulcimer? Or do you mean the String Anchor Pins at the tail end of the instrument? After finding an On-line Translator, I see that you are asking how to determine the location of the frets -- not "pins". Two easy ways: 1. Find a table of fret spaces -- for Dulcimers only. That table will only work for the specified distances between the Nut and the Bridge. There are quite a few fret spacing tables available on line. 2. Find a Fret Spacing Calculator online. There are several available. Use ONLY calculators for Dulcimers, NOT fret spacing for guitar or other stringed instruments.
  16. Yes -- you could add another tuner, or replace all 4 with different tuners. Finding a single matching tuner would be the tricky bit. Less hassle just to replace all of them. What I can see is that the nut which should raise the strings above the frets seems to be completely missing -- it should go in that slot between the tuning head and the end of the fretboard. That is a simple enough fix, which I can certainly help you with. Some more overall photos may help us identify the brand or maker, and another closer up photo a bit farther down, showing the gap at the tuning head and the first few frets would be helpful. .
  17. I recognize a lot of those folks! Sure sorry I couldn't make it this year. Looking forward to next year!
  18. The OP Said "Can you not play songs written for a diatonic fretboard on a chromatic dulcimer? That's the point I keep coming back to. Having a chromatic dulcimer does not appear to limit the types of songs that can be played, so why wouldn't someone want one? You can play diatonic songs on a chromatic fretboard. BUT. If you're playing from dulcimer tabulature rather than SMN, the fret numbering is completely different and finding the diatonic frets among all the chromatic frets becomes an issue. You can't read tab fret nubers 3-4-8 and just count up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... to find those diatonic frets on a chromatic fretboard. Look at the picture:
  19. Yep -- any ordinary fingerboard/fretboard oil or uncolored mineral oil. McSpad doesn't "finish" their ebony fingerboards, IIRC Can't find Mineral Oil? Baby Oil is the same thing with a bit of fragrance added. So you can have a slick and nice smelling fretboard too.
  20. I echo everything that Ken said, Laurie. The JB Weld would not affect the sound/resonance quality of the instrument, but it is intended more as a 'divot' patch than a filler. Drill the large hole and glue in a short length of dowel as Ken says, then drill a new pilot hole for the replacement strap botton. Super glues and those Gorilla products are not very useful in gluing together musical instruments; we mostly swear by the Titebond glues.
  21. Have fun you lot! So sorry I can't make it this year!
  22. Got a picture? Your description is somewhat vague. Sticks play on one end while a bow plays on the other? Sometimes played with stricks, sometimes with a bow? I play my orindary dulcimer by fretting with a stick called a noter, andcan also bow the same instrument.
  23. NoterMan

    T - 6

    Hickory makes some really fine dulcimers. A number of us who build traditional dulcemores use the wide variety of woods available in the Eastern US, including hickory, walnut, poplar, chestnut (usually salvaged from old barns and such), and much more.
  24. Since this is not a "conventional" dulcimer, even by Mike's standards (I've known him for years), it is probably best if you at the very least give the specifications. "Church Style Sweetie" means absolutley nothing to 99% of the dulcimer player population. At the very least post the VSL, width, depth and basic shape. Almost no one sells a dulcimer wiht "can send photos upon request" -- post at least one or two here.
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